HE2006: Thiel C3.7

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by Josh Ray on June 12 '06

Img 1361
Wowzers, what are they? Thiel's new C3.7 speakers are the embodiment of Thiel's metal driver construction. Don't call them jello tins, it's corrugated aluminum to theoretically provide the stiffest drivers in the world. The eyeball up top uses a concentric driver -- tweeter in the center with the midrange surrounding it. Interesting stuff, expect to see the big publications reviewing the C3.7s once they go into production this summer. Keep reading for more pics.

Img 1362

Img 1364


These speakers sounded very nice, and didn't completely fall apart if you moved one seat off of center. The Audio Research amps, used during the demo, put out so much heat during regular operating conditions, you could feel the heat blast across the room; even standing directly under the A/C vent (which was running constantly). Amp recommended for Antarctica only.