HE2006: Studio Electric

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by Josh Ray on June 12 '06

Img 1442

What do you think they look like? Everyone who came into the room offered an opinion. Diving helmet, Buck Rogers helmet, Teutonic war helmet and, last but not least, hood ornament. We've covered these Type One speakers from Studio Electric before, and here they are with the full package of equipment, from helmet speakers and the subs they're sitting on to the amps and preamps providing retro power.

Price for the Type One speaker (just the shiny part) is $8500 a pair. Add $4000 if is you want the external subs/stands as well. That amp in the middle is the Electrodyne putting out 275 watts of hybrid power, using solid state for the juice and classic NOS tubes for the gain stage. Price is $6950. Also, those big blackboards their "flat panel" speakers (to the sides of the helmets) using traditional drivers in a pancake cabinet. No prices yet, but said to be tailored for 2.0 home theater listening. Very cool stuff. Check 'em out.

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For those that don't know, the metalwork on these speakers is done by Josh Stippich of Electronluv fame.