HE2006: Sonics, Lyra, Spiral Groove

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by Josh Ray on June 20 '06

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So you have Eames lounge chairs, lamps with spindly lights and a Design Within Reach membership card, but your high-performance speakers look like soccer shin guards. What's a mid century audiophile to do? Joachim Gerhard to the rescue. Under the Sonics brand name, Joachim does modern design justice with sharp angles and trendy wood for his new Allegria speakers. He also does modern design justice with a $15,000 price tag for the pair.

Vanity shot of the Sonics Allegria next page. Below is the $25,000 Lyra 4-2LSE preamplifier, another product that does equipment design justice. And on the next page, the Spiral Groove SGI, the world's most modest $20,000 turntable. A Lyra phono stage and $4500 Ayre V5XE amp rounded out the package.

With a system like this, a bachelor has a chance of actually talking about his audio rig and coming off as a cultured music patron instead of Dr. Evil. Of course, you have to be Dr. Evil to actually afford this system, unless, of course, you're in the employment of Her Majesty's secret service.

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Don't forget the SG turntable was loaded up with a Lyra Titan cart, IIRC. Add another $4K to the mix. But darned if it didn't sound like heaven.
True, true. I also forgot to factor in the 2 dozen feet of cabling so, oh, add another $40k to that.
Jesus Christ, Josh -- you're hired. I was a newspaper reporter for a dozen years and I don't know if I could've done a more thorough job from this show. Thanks for showing me all this new gear.
He, man, thanks for the compliment! Yeah, shows are very important to our biz and I want to do the manufacturers justice with some good ol' reporting. But, I have to say, the best is yet to come :)