HE2006: Signals Super.Fi, Peak Consult, Continuum Caliburn, Eighth Nerve

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by Josh Ray on June 06 '06

Img 1940

Importer Signals Super.Fi went gunning for best-in-show with their Peak Consult InCognito X speakers, claimed to be the best two-way speaker on the planet. Priced at $16,500, the InCognitos sure got the attention of other audio press. Signals also imports the famed Continuum Caliburn turntable, the $99,500 black pie champion. One industry insider said, "I'm completely skeptical of a $100k table but that room had the best vinyl reproduction I've ever heard." Doesn't get much better than that.

I had to come back to the room three times before I could actually get in the door, it was always so packed. Finally I got my chance and, luckily, the room was empty. Signal's Chris Sommovigo and Eighth Nerve's Nathan Loyer are two guys that know what's up, throwing Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service onto the Continuum Caliburn before the easy listening masses returned.

If there's a big question mark above your head, that little amp is the 10lb Berning ZH270, putting out an amazing 70 stereo watts of OTL tube power. Wild. Installed in the cracks and corners of the ceiling were Eighth Nerve's room treatment panels. Eighth Nerve is a company putting "cool" into room treatment and speaker placement optimization, as crazy as that sounds. And despite everything else in the room and from other treatment companies, their goods are low priced.

Keep reading for many more pics.

(Prices corrected)

The $12k Cobra tone arm with its new streamlined shape.

Img 1962

I'm a fan of the Continuum Caliburn's styling. Beautiful woods instead of hundreds of pounds of jagged aluminum and slabs of acrylic.

Img 1963-1

Img 1955

Peak Consult InCognito X's gorgeous wood on the sides and leather on front.

Img 1949

Img 1951-1

Eighth Nerve corner treatment up top and tiny black bass guys below.

Img 1941


Eighth Nerve treatment is not just "cool", the stuff works better than anything out there. Seriously. . .
Do you has tested in your listning room? If you do not yet, It is big your mistake.
Yes, me be itching to trying Eight Nerve treatment for a room in the listening too. Stuff be quiet cheep and usefully comparing to other selling in the market. Sees well looking. :D