HE2006: Optimal Enchantment, Vandersteen and AR

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by Josh Ray on June 05 '06

Img 1479

Optimal Enchantment, an LA dealer, went back to the jungle with Vandersteen 5A speakers, 600 watt Audio Research mini-fridges and an assortment of exotic flaura. One of the first rooms you hit on your way into the third floor convention, this room was always packed to the gills. I managed to snap this pic from my sniper hole behind a plant but I didn't get to actually hear any music. People leaving said they really liked what they heard.


If you want a snotty audiophile reviewer-type remark while the impression it's still fresh on my head, I'd say that they had good balance and midrange, but the bass, while quite cozy and with the needed resonance, I felt it a little too much "pillowy", almost narcoleptic (even more so with some of their music choices). I like my bass with an edge best. Perhaps the Vandersteens can give slam and defined sonic figures, but the exhibitors didn't want (or cared) to exploit that part.