HE2006: Music Hall Audio, Shanling and Epos

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by Josh Ray on June 05 '06

Img 1365

Music Hall Audio, manufacturers of killer turntables and importers of numbers of popular lines, put on this little demo with their Epos ELS303 speakers and Shanling Star Trek worthy components. The big integrated is the Shanling A500 amp at $6499. The CD player is the $5999 CD500. Read the rest of room pics and shots of the entry level Music Hall MMF 2.1 turntable and its big siblings.

Update: Speakers are actually the similar but lower higher priced Epos M22.

Img 1367

Img 1373
Img 1371
Img 1368-1


Those are Epos M22's in the picture, not 303's (I own the 303's and the grill cover peg holes are higher up than on the 22's, and the finish isn't THAT nice). The 303's are great, though.
Good catch and thanks for letting me know :)
Actually, the Epos M22 are $2k at Music Direct, the 303's go for around $600-700 typically, so the M22's are a much more expensive speaker, but the 303's are no slouch.
I hope that these Shanling products aren't the wave of the future for home audio cosmetics. They're tacky looking things aren't they? Dead Zero WAF!! They remind me of my kid's JVC ghetto blaster- given their prices, I trust they sound better though...