HE2006: Lipinski Sound and Free Booze

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by Josh Ray on June 05 '06

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Lipinski Sound, if you don't know anything about these guys, know this: they had free beer and Belvedere vodka for audio-blind show goers. I think they make speakers too, but at about 3pm, it was time to hit the Lipinski room and really start enjoying music.

Truthfully, I really liked their speakers. They also make digital amps, as you can see in their "powered stand" to the right. It's really not a powered stand, but an amp wedged into the base. Cool idea and they sounded great. Different people had issue with the passive custom preamp and chances are you can switch in your own favorite preamp to tailor Lipinski's crystal clear and revealing sound to your liking. Speakers shown go for about $4500 while the amps are 2gs a pop. We previously covered Lipinski here.

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