HE2006: KEF and Bryston

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by Josh Ray on June 05 '06

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KEF out of UK paired with Canadian Byston for a killer demo. A number of comments were like "I normally don't like KEF, but that room was great!" Bryston isn't warm or friendly, though they've got killer dynamics and clarity. KEFs are regarded to have different qualities than Bryston but, together, they worked well. Can anyone say Synergy?

The Byston preamp was their HT pre/processor bypassed for 2 channel, which many believe to be fantastic. The KEFs are the top Model 207s with a concentric mid/tweeter (the tweeter is that silver part inside of the larger hood ornament) and a super tweet on top. Read the rest of the article for a larger picture and a macro shot of the coolest tweeter in the industry.

The super tweeter says "KEF AUDIO UK"

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Yup, if you're all for lush tubey warmth and cushiony "liquid" sonics, the Brystons are not for you. I personally found them rather edgy and razor-sharp sounding in contrast to most of the offerings at the show (and not really because of they being SS as opposed to tubes - my NAD C320BEE cand sound pretty "tubey" and warm when given the right sources). However, the Bryston coupled with the KEFs delivered a "fresh", bright and alive sonic signature that can be a nice break from the bass-heavy, too-soft-and-warm-for-its-own-good aural trend so many high end systems seem to aim for.