HE2006: Gamut Speakers and Amps

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by Josh Ray on June 03 '06

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Gamut Audio went full hog with their speakers and components. A number of people were telling me I had to check out Gamut. Gamut? Out of Denmark, these guys have a background at the legendary driver maker Scan Speak. Naturally, they're using all Scan Speak drivers.

I walked in during an orchestral piece riddled with gunshots and, damn, if it didn't sound real. I mean, I live in LA so I know what gunshots sound like. The attack from those drivers was killer and the bass was powerful and full from those dual 7" drivers. Oh, and the music sounded great too. For me, definitely some of the best sound at the show so far.

Interestingly, Gamut is going with a different sort of retail model. While each individual component is made to work independently, Gamut really wants to champion a complete package system. They may be too trend-setting for high end audio, but they want complete system auditions and I agree completely. We need to see more "one box" solutions. If I wanted an all-star system without having to deal with component matching or tweaking, this would be it.

Gamut DI 150 integrated goes for $9800, the CD3 is $6000 and the L-7 speakers are $15k. Big speaker pic next page.

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Gamut has a distributor here in Brazil that markets its products in an High End audio review magazine. They've only got great reviews so far, and judging from the couple of times I listened to them in audio shows here, they do sound very good.
Hey, Josh: Was Gamut still showing their massive super-amp? You wouldn't be able to miss it if they were -- they weigh 400 lbs. and retail for $30,000 (that's for a stereo version; they also bridge it, yielding 800 lbs. of amplification). Just wondering.
No massive super amps, just that little integrated. Kinda refreshing not seeing massive amounts of gear dominating the room. Of course, MBL had their huge coffin amps and Audio Research rolled out the mini fridges, so there was plenty of big steel.
Thanks, Josh.
we did not show the s300's . we still weill make them but retail is actually 60K each.
The Gamut S300 is to my mind one of the great amplifiers ever made. This amplifier must be compared on a A/B/A basis, on a very high end system of high grade components, with the best source of recorded music and over an extended period of time. Though desired sonic signatures are varied and peculiar to different listeners, the S300 is a all time best sounding compared to many welknown amplifiers to this audiophile who have spent more than 40 years in this hobby.