HE2006: Focus Master 3 Hearts Carbs

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by Josh Ray on June 02 '06

Img 1311
Focus Audio showed their Master 3 and it rocked my world. Sure, it's in your face and huge but it was a ton of fun without a lot of the digital haze hovering over some HE2006 rooms. I'd like to get my tunes (brought Matisyahu, Flaming Lips, White Zombie and DJ Sasha) in front of these beasts and see what they can do. They're $25k or so and the components are stratospherically priced.

As we know, if you've been hitting the gravy and Blue Ribbon, you're not fitting in your jeans with a 34 inch waist. Same goes for speakers. Focus would have been better served with their smaller model, or so a handful of people told me. Damn cool looking, but not made for NY flats or hotel rooms. I bet in a bigger room they would sound excellent. Now I want to hear the rest of their line.

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