HE2006: Eben and VTL

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by Josh Ray on June 19 '06

Img 1345
Who said black is slimming? These guys are giants. European Eben X-5 speakers joined forces with American VTL $45k Siegfried amps to take over the largest room at the show. The speakers cost a cool $100,000 and use carbon fiber shells, ribbon tweeters, ceramic midranges and the ubiquitous tower-of-power design. Sadly, every time I was in this room they were playing soft orchestral music that was neither familiar or exciting. If you're going to play classical in a room the size of a basketball court with speakers as big as Shaq, might was well make it Gladiator or Carmina Burana. Next time, I'll demand they cut loose.

Below are the little Eben X-3 speakers with Bel Canto equipment that I assume never saw any play. Hidden away in the corner, this is the system I really would have liked to hear.

Img 1349

Img 1347-1

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