HE2006: DVD Rewinder

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by Josh Ray on June 05 '06

Img 1291
The new DVD Rewinder, a side project by Kimber cable. Revolutionary doesn't even begin to describe it.


This is what I have been looking for the longest time. That Ray Kimber sure knows his stuff. I am going to order 5 to get a volume discount.
The real story with these things is Ray buys them from a guy in Denver, Colorado. He put them in the press room to see if anyone noticed what they were. According to the girl in the press room, I was the first person to go "WTF???" Ray also said the Rewinder has a voice recorder to play back a message whenever you hit the button. Something like "wow, you actually thought this would work. LOSER!"
Josh, LOL. I so needed that. DVD good. Ian
How come did I miss this. Ray Kimber is a genius for sure. And also looks like the kind of guy that could play pranks on you while keeping a straightfaced pose. Which I think this is. But did you listen to Kimber's experimental Isomike recordings on DSD? There's nothing BS about that - simply, the absolute best sound of the show, and overall best sound I've heard EVER. No other room even came close. For me anyways.