HE2006: Diamonds in the Rough

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by Josh Ray on June 16 '06

Our new motto: "SonicFlare, where the show coverage never ends."

Seriously, though, manufacturers put a lot of time and money into these shows and they deserve big respect for their efforts. Alas, the traditional publications with their back-alley deals and protectionist mentality have refused to cover two cable products that shine a light on the true nature of the cable industry. Naturally, it's up to establishment-defying SonicFlare to give press to these diamonds in the rough.

The underground sensation $.49 cheater plug. Shown with stock $2000 power cables.

Img 1921-1

The new Dixie cable elevator. For when your stock $2000 speaker cables have less than 2" of shielding.

Img 1987-1


Actually that is not a Dixie Cup it a new Aerogel Cable External Stand, ACES for short. The are made by Unobtanium. And I thought you knew everything, sheesh.
LOL! Gotta love that cheater plug pic. Next: An smart-ass electronics company releases the "Aural Cheater" (not to confuse with the bodily waste-related homophone), guaranteed to bring more presence, liquidity and PRAT to your music, made from the most exotic, electrically conductive materials and a nondescript grayish look to combine with the rest of your audiophool gear. Introductory price at only $495 each.
You jest, Beto, but it's already happening. A company that I'm uncertain if I'm allowed to name is about to release a $79 cheater plug. In a way, it makes sense given that many, mnay people choose to kill the ground. Naturally, running insanely expensive cables into cheapie cheaters is just silly. Of course, spending anything over a few hundred dollars on cables is just silly. I've heard a handful of demos on mega buck systems between low-end cables and massively expensive ones and I've never been impressed enough to think the expensive wires are worth their price. In fact, the difference between the cables is usually one of taste with neither being the clear winner.
You know I had every intention of arguing the cable issue but I just don't think I am going too. I will say it is all about synergy of the particular system. If you are running really big amps you better have wire that is going to keep juice flowing or you will start to get inefficient if you listen for a while. I can almost see why you would drop a ground if you lived in an apartment complex and were really into critical lisening, floating ground might eliminate some feedback, but if you lived in a house there is no reason you can't have a good isolated ground and it is safer.