HE2006: DC Gold

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by Josh Ray on June 19 '06

Img 1452

DC Gold's background is building marine speaker drivers for lux yachts and super villain submarines. As you can guess, they've transitioned their sea-worthy technology into home speakers. The very unusual "spiderless" DC Gold divers are full-range affairs going the low sensitivity route. Behind the grill is some strange driver material that was only described to me as "proprietary" but appeared to be asphalt or some brand of black chewing gum I'm unfamiliar with.

Below, you can see an interesting space inside the speakers. While festive sprites held court at the show, I'm sure you can come up with other far more creative objects to place inside. Larger pic next page.

Img 1450

Img 1451


These speakers come oh so very close to being interesting visually... maybe even attractive and then... those pixies, that routed wood, that color. All of a sudden I'm reminded of my Grandma's living room. Physical form design (style: ) needs to improve in this industry as a whole if manufacturers expect to reach a wider audience.