HE2006: Chord and Neat MF7s

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by Josh Ray on June 02 '06

Img 1316
Neat speakers (yes, their name is Neat) paired with Chord for a Brit invasion. System was really musical and nice. The Neat MF7s go for $15k and the Chord gear is "if you have to ask" territory.

Interestingly, the Neats use an isobaric construction with another set of 6.5" drivers sitting behind the fronts. Up top, two circular ribbon tweeters fire at the ceiling for ambience. The Neat MF7 bass was tight, tight, tight and little of that "digital haze" I mentioned before.

Seriously, why haven't we heard more of these guys? They don't do the Wilson hi-fi sound, so there will be a whole group of people who will really like these chaps. This system should get some love from other show reports.

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They were well reviewed when they first came on the scene (20 to 25 years ago, if memory serves). But you're right: They've kinda disappeared since then.
Oops, sorry about that triple-post, but my computer was acting as though the post was permanently suspended in the Internet's black hole.