HE2006: Brooks Berdan, Vandersteen, Ayre

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by Josh Ray on June 15 '06

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The second Brooks Berdan room rocked Vandersteen's first semi-attractive speaker, the $10k Quatro. If you're not familiar with Vandersteen, the one thing you'd probably say when walking into the room would be "sweet jeezy, the bass!" What you don't know is each Vandersteen Quatro tower has double 8" subwoofers squirreled inside. Check out the pic on the next page to see the 250 watt amplifier panel on the back.

And as anyone who has subs knows, the temptation to crank them up to 11 is just too tempting. Brian Berdan, son of Brooks, took great pleasure in turning people's insides into cranberry sauce with the Vanderstreen Quatros. Room limitations be damned, he was gonna show the speaker's limits. And a funny thing happens when you crank the bass, the masses pour in from the halls. This room, as far as I recall, was the most consistently packed at the show. And if the other publications are any indication, one of the most loved.

Those amps on the ground are the new half-chassis MX-R from Ayre. $16,500 gets you 300 watts of linear power. Big pic next page.

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Hi Josh. You have done a FANTASTIC job of covering the HE2006 show. Great writeups... timely delivery and awesome pictures! The best I've seen on the web. Way to go!