HE2006: Bard Audio Sans Cables

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by Josh Ray on June 03 '06

Img 1456
Bard audio showed off their killer wireless amps and transmitters. The way it works is you plug in a little wifi thumb drive, the Bard USB, into your computer's USB port and, presto, music streams to your audio system across the room. Look closely at the picture above and you'll see those two speakers are plugged into that little white box, the Bard Three. A Tripath amp inside provides the juice. Plug it into the wall and, boom, that's it.

Price is $1299 for the Bard Three and $599 for the Bard USB. Know what? It sounded pretty good. Check out the 6Moons review of these guys.

Img 1457-1

Img 1455
Img 1454

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