HE2006, Baby!

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by Josh Ray on May 31 '06

 Images Hepromologo

HE2006 press day is tomorrow where the real audio journalists get a little quality time with the audio systems before the ravenous masses descend on Friday. Don't know how I got in, but that's where I'll be in 24 hours.

SonicFlare's official HE2006 coverage will land next week, though I'll try and get a few juicy bits up during the festivities. HE2006 is no CES in Vegas, but with the Zu Rave and other events going into the night, sleep is, once again, for the weak.

Speaking of the rave, the Zu boys have been advertising their little party at local LA clubs so expect lots of glow sticks and pacifiers mixed in with the golden ears. If you're in LA and haven't gotten your tix yet, go here for more info or just show up at the door.

And if you see a some kid wandering around with a camera, a stupid grin and a SonicFlare t-shirt, then you have found your humble narrator. Come say "hi" and let me know what you think of the big Stereophile shindig.

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