HE2006: Acoustic Zen Adagio, Red Dragon and Modwright

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by Josh Ray on June 12 '06

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Acoustic Zen teamed with Red Dragon Audio and Modwright for a banging demo. Those $3700 Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers have been getting buckets of love and the $2200 Modwright SWL 9.0SE preamp rocked the audio underground last year. So many people requested the new blue faceplate for the Modwright, he's decided to put it into production. Those amps on the ground are the $5995 Leviathan ICEpower beasts, rocking 1000 watts of digital power.

Lots of love in the halls for this system. Expect to see more of these guys as they slay the review circles and expand their product lines.

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This is a "sound stage enhancer." Come again?

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I think the Adagios are $4300, but you're right about them getting lots of love (see the latest issue of TAS, where they were called something like "so good they're hard to write about"). Also, F everyone's I, Modwright will be coming out with a version of the SWL with a built-in phonostage (MC and MM) shortly for about 4K.. Now all we need are some pet audio rocks and a kickin' tabletop Timex and we'll be set....
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