HE2006: AAA-Audio and Dynaudio

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by Josh Ray on June 07 '06

Img 1995

AAA-Audio rocked a top room with Dynaudio speakers and AAA's imported amps. Those big monoblocks are the $25k XLH M-2000 amps, 600 watts of tube-sounding solid state. Read Rick Gardner's adventure with the insane XLH system. About as fun as an audio review can get.

In front, you have the Dussun V8i "Hyper class-A" integrated amp, cracked open for your viewing pleasure. On the rack in the middle, the very cool-looking Original Leonardo CD player does digital duty. This room has gotten some big love from other publications like Stereophile and one VIP who I swore not to reveal said that out of the two Dynaudio rooms, this one was the best.

Img 1997

Img 1996

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