HD Beat - Getting Better Sound

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by Josh Ray on December 01 '05

HD Beat fights the good fight in helping the audio-ignorant get on their way to building better stereo and HT systems. They mention SonicFlare as a site for proof that, yes, there is a whole world of equipment not from the electronic giants:

But a good rule of thumb of home theater, and I know this sounds crazy but, “if you have not heard of the brand and it costs more then a Sony or Kenwood, then it is more then likely better.”

Amen, brother. If I may get my Nostradamus on for a moment, the power of the internet levels all playing fields, allowing sites like HD Beat, SonicFlare and others to say "back away from the Bose" and shine a light on killer underground equipment. And by "shine a light" I mean "make them filthy rich." Isn't it about time the audio manufacturers get the coin they deserve???

HDTV Buying Guide: Getting Better Sound


I am glad you guys picked up that article. I have been trying to figure out how to plug you guys for about 3 weeks now and it just fit well with the buying guide. Keep up the good work!