Hansen Audio's Royal Speakers

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by Josh Ray on January 27 '06

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What better way to end the week than gazing at loudspeakers we will never own. With two reviews and a number of positive comments from Vegas, new kid Hansen Audio is coming out swinging. The $55k King is their first offering and both Superior Audio and Audiophilia gave gushing reviews. Phil Gold of Superior Audio offers up this awesome quote:

Lars (of Hansen) holds there is only so far you can go with conventional panel based speakers, and he admires just how far Wilson Audio, B&W and others have taken the concept.

That's like saying, "you throw pretty well...for a girl." Of course, you could read it as a nice little compliment but somehow I don't think that was the intention. In any case, Hansen showed their new Prince speakers (pic next page) at Vegas. With a price of $28k, you're getting all the same goods as the King but with only one mid driver and one bass driver. As you would expect, there's also a Queen speaker but, surprisingly, no Jack or Ace speaker. Instead of courting rich poker players, Hansen decided to go after the foolishly wealthy Dungeon and Dragon crowd by naming their center channel and subwoofer Wizard and Dragon Slayer, respectively. I don't care what it sounds like, I want a sub called the Dragon Slayer.

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