Global Warming and Your Hi-Fi Addiction

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by Josh Ray on August 01 '06

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Not only is the heat wave making all you tube-heads with massive push-pull monoblocks think twice about owning small, glowing furnaces (bi-amped to boot), but it is also causing power outages across the land. One outage has struck the SonicFlare servers and has caused the intermittent lags here on the site. Apologies in advance if power consumption crashes the grid again. Audio Research, Atma-Sphere and VTL owners, we're looking at you.


I seriously doubt tubed monoblock users are to blame (except those owners of the fridge-sized Audio Research ones, heh). There's a heck of a lot more people with power-sucking air conditioners. Here in the tropics we're experiencing the exact opposite weather (rainy season) and that, if anything, helps me feel less dirty about owning a tube phono preamp. Plus most of our energy is from hydroelectric sources.
What would than be the most environmentaly friendly system? High efficiency speakers with digital amplification? Prabably the winner would be an mp3 player with headphones and nothing else.
I think my Class-A Monarchys (bottom end) throw more heat than my Dynaco (top end). ... Anybody remember Stax's Class-A D-300 amp? That thing could heat a small community. I wouldn't want to be listening to one of those these days.