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by Danny Kaey on August 25 '12

So, now that Josh has moved onto his lifelong pursuit of designing killer speakers at killer prices, readers are undoubtedly wondering: where's SonicFlare off to now?

Great question. My vision for SonicFlare isn't' really all too different from where it's been all these years: a sort of one stop shop where people can dig up juicy Hi-Fi reviews, Car reviews, opinion pieces and other sorts of informational items related to all the finer things in life.

Think of the "new" SonicFlare as a sort of destination for real world answers to all the pesky questions you've always had but weren't really able to find elsewhere. My affiliations with all the rags that have launched my publishing and reviewing career will still all be in tact of course. No burned bridges here, in fact, I will be linking most, if not all, my articles back to SonicFlare for further consumption.

For exciting, new and fresh content updates look no further than right here: SonicFlare. Do keep in mind that I have a real FT job as well, hence updates and that oh-so fresh content may sometimes lag; alas, I'll do my best to keep my fingers keystroke happy and full of real-world Danny Kaey opinions.

PS: for further reading and to get an idea for where I get some of my inspirations for, take a look at these fine folks: Daringfireball;; The Verge;; Positive-Feedback Online; The Sartorialist; and of course, the fine folks at Top Gear.

Now, go enjoy that beautiful Saturday and I'll ping you guys soon enough.

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