Factory Tour: Lexani Motorcars

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by Danny Kaey on August 23 '13

Lexani Motorcars … on a mission.

No, not Lexus. Lexani. Similar, yet oh so different. Huh? Yup. You see, Lexus of course, is Toyota’s upscale premium brand of fine automobiles. Lexani on the other hand, is a custom coach builder. Wait, they still have those? Indeed. Think back to the good old days of custom, bespoke automobile building. Rolls-Royce. Bugatti. Back then of course, the world was a far different place. Far less regulation – yay – for far more ingenuity and engineering. Then again, that was 80 years or so ago. How much has changed, yet, how similar things are. When Lexani's PR agency rang my phone to ask if I was interested in checking out their facility, I jumped. Cool.

Lexani, located in steamy hot, So-Cal, has been around in namesake since 2010, alas, the owners behind the brand have been dwelling around behind the scenes for at least two decades, building out custom value automobile editions. Then, sometime after reaching terminal velocity through some key projects, they began to look at the bespoke custom coach market in earnest. And thus we now how Lexani Motorcars. As with most custom coach builders, Lexani exits purely to enhance, envision and otherwise give you an automotive experience you will never forget: from the basic custom interior upgrade to all out assaults on what’s possible short of ordering a custom made Prevost, Lexani will make your car your new home, away from home.

When I was invited to visit the factory a few months back, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect: alas, suffice is to say that I was utterly taken aback by the seemingly endless quest for perfection Lexani prides itself with. Sure, the usual stable mate of custom interior designed – nay, enhanced – Cadillacs graced their production facility show room; it wasn’t until I was taken behind the scenes so to speak when I recognized the true sense of Lexani’s existence: custom built cars. Take for example a wealthy foreign national’s Toyota Sequoia which had been literally gutted to the bone (upgraded to bullet proof status) and save for the dashboard was completely re-imaged, rebuilt and re-designed to be something that more closely resembles a suite at the Wynn in Las Vegas than a Toyota cabin.

Toyota Sequoia

Custom seats, custom leathers, custom A/V, custom layout – this particular model was finished in a bullet / bomb proof setup with a cleverly designed wall separator between the passenger cabin and the driver – I simply couldn’t believe my eyes (and ears) when I saw this um, er, Toyota. Moving right along was a custom built Mercedes-Benz L 5-9, with seating for 6 passengers to fly er, cruise in sublime style.

Lexani’s typical customer base includes your average sports and Hollywood personality, as well as foreign dignitaries, superstars and those who appreciate the custom build quality they get from a custom coach builder. Curiously, when I asked Ernie Salazar (employee roundabout #1) about their competition, the answer was a surprising “Well Danny, it’s kinda weird, we find ourselves in this flux of being pretty much the only game in town when it comes to capacity, scale, quality and efficiency of build. Our customers just appreciate what we do and our word of mouth referrals keep coming in – we simply can’t keep up with demand right now.” Wow. Now there’s saying something.

Rolls Royce Ghost

Lexani’s car models represent the top tiers of what’s around – got a fancy Bently that you’d like a custom spec interior for? No problem, same goes for your latest Merc, Rolls and Range Rover. If experience is what matters to you, then Lexani is the right choice – I say, well done. Classy craftsmanship, real world style, hey, sign me up! A+++

PS: enjoy the Lexani YouTube channel for more!

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