Evolution Acoustics and darTZeel at Newport

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by Danny Kaey on June 10 '15

Though there were really two rooms for Jonathan Tinn to showcase his latest wares (I suppose four rooms if you consider the darTZeel integrated in the SF room and the system setup in the PF hospitality suite), I only managed to spend time in the big room, whilst taking a snapshot pic of the small room.  Go figure.  It appears that after years of fronting shows with their highly regarded Evolution Acoustics Micro One speakers (mini-monitors, which I am writing a review about at PF), Jonathan decided it’s time to upgrade: MMTwo was the name of the game.  Maximum Musicality is indeed what I then heard for an altogether too short visit.  As mentioned earlier, Dean Martin’s Dream with Dean sounded big, bold and powerful - and certainly judging by the lines of people out the door to have a listen, most everyone seemed to agree.

The rest of the playback chain was darTZeel’s new NHB-18NS preamp, the all new and exciting looking LHC-208 “danalogue” streaming DAC avec integrated amplifier and last but not least, Wavekinetics NVS Reference direct drive ’table (for which I am also penning a review this summer).  All in all, top shelf components - particularly, the LHC-208 (who’s big brother, the CTH-8850 played in my reference system for well over 2 years and was reviewed here) seems interesting: an all in one integrated with built in hi-res DAC (handling PCM and DSD) is just about all one needs as a center piece of a modern Hi-Fi setup.  Price point around $15k. Should be selling well judging from the performance points witnessed and heard.  The NVS Reference on the other hand is indeed a reference level ‘table that when matched with the appropriate arm / cartridge combo does deliver exquisite sounds.  Overall a great room with hospitality to boot.


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