ELP Laser Turntable

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by Josh Ray on May 24 '06

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Remixing the best of turn tables and CD players, the ELP Laser table replaces your tonearm with a good ol' laser. Yup, this product has been around for ages now, though it's bouncing around the gadget net and getting all kinds of new press. Price? $15000.

The general consensus on the ELP is: "wow! It uses a give me back my other table." With all the recent discussion about the inferiority of CDs, laser pickup, jitter and DA conversion, using a laser on vinyl makes little sense these days. The gentle caress of the stylus is what gives a deck its romance.

Now what we need to see is a CD player that uses a tonearm and stylus to capture the goods. Ridiculous, you say? No no, nothing is too ridiculous for high-end audio.


The ELP has had more lives than a cat on high end vinyl circles. But you're right - this won't kill traditional TTs anytime soon. Plus, reviews say sound is OK but nothing to write home about. On top of that, the Japanese company that manufactures the LT has been acussed of rather shady business tactics with their US distributors. Sure it makes for a sweet deal to blow 15K on it huh? And you want ridiculous Josh? How about trying these shoes on for size? :D
Actually, there was a video format born in the 80's that used a vinyl record to play digitally recorded movies: RCA's Selectavision. Non-audiophile. Now dead.