E-clec-tic-i-ty (1 of 2) SonicFlare at the Home Entertainment Show 2007

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by Sandy Greene on May 14 '07


Seventy-one rooms plus the Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel NYC, in one day, was my idea of a fun filled day off from work. I think I hit up all the rooms except for the three Sound From Singer rooms… no thank you! Apologies to the brands in those rooms. I’m not a huge fan of Sound by Singer. I guess I’m alone in that ‘cause their rooms were way too crowded come Friday afternoon.

Above, in the title image, you can see Vinnie from Red Wine Audio, Lipinski loudspeakers, Rogue Audio, Proclaim loudspeakers, Studio Electric loudspeakers, the Benchmark USB DAC and the Guru loudspeakers.

Vinnie from Red Wine Audio had a great sounding room with Louis from Omega loudspeakers. When I stopped by the Signature 70 amplifier was working with the modded Olive server through the Omega Max Hemps and the sound was full and pleasant. This was my first stop of the day and I can certainly say that there were many a room that didn’t even come close to the musicality of this system.

Vinnie is showing off a fancy hard aluminum case for the 5G iPod by a company called YoTank. The wire coming out of the iPod is custom to work with Vinnie’s soon to be announced 5G iPod mods. Scoop scoop… his new mod will leave the iPod unscathed and the headphone output in tact!

The Lipinski Sound L-707 at $2,495 ea (there’s an almost identical smaller L-505 for $1,495 ea) sounded serious, but what was ingenious in my opinion were the “Powered Stands” and L-301 amp that fits perfectly and glows so nicely. The room was set up for surround sound with each speaker on stand being powered by these individual monoblocks.


Rogue Audio was showing their new Hera “statement” preamplifier and the mighty Zeus amp with Eggleston Works speakers. Pictured above is their best selling Cronus integrated amplifier. Most of the music I heard at the show was pretty boring and at least not my cup of tea, but Mark from Rogue asked me for my traditional yearly “indie” mix. I made one especially for the show and will share the play list in a later post. Mark played a bunch of track and I left it with him to hopefully share the love during the rest of the show.


The new Proclaim loudspeakers were really neat looking, accurate sounding and incredibly well crafted. I've made it clear before in previous posts that i'm not a tweaker. These guys are intimidating! Each of the three speakers on each side is completely repositionable in space, angle and direction... and controllable with an external crossover. Feel free to tweak to your hearts delight!

Looking just as eclectic and usually one of the more eccentric brands at these shows, but in comparison to the Proclaim speakers, rather reasonable… were the Studio Electric T-3 loudspeakers and amplifier system. Super cool retro looking and modern sounding being driven by the Benchmark DAC and Studio Electric’s Electrodyne amplifier.


Studio Electric shared a room with Benchmark who were introducing a new version of their critically acclaimed DAC. The new DAC will have a USB input added for an additional $300.

One of the more fun rooms was sponsored by Sjofn Hi-fi. The GURU loudspeakers ($1,850) were part of a Xindak system set up with affordable cables and power conditioning in a very fine sounding room regardless of price ($2,995 total).

In a few days, I’ll post up another report. This next report will be filled with photos of more of the show’s intriguing and innovative gear from the likes of AudioEngine, Behold, Ascendo, Bel Canto, Gamut, High Water Sound (Abbington Music Research, Aspara Acoustics, Tron & TW-Acustic), Hyperion, Loiminchay, Music Hall, Nagra, Rethm, Salagar, SimAudio, Slim Devices, Verity, Weiss and Zu.

Keep your eyes peeled for a report or two from Robert Learner as well… more SonicFlare on the Home Entertainment Show 2007 to come.


Hi Sandy, It was great to finally meet you in person! Thanks for visiting us at HE2007 and posting about our room here on SF. I'm looking forward to reading more of your show coverage! Thanks again, Vinnie