DUB Magazine's Side Biz

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by Josh Ray on March 06 '06


Audio Asylum, if you don't know, is ground zero for magazine bashing. The usual attack is that unless you're advertising with the mag, you have no hope for a review. Some believe it, some don't. But no matter what you think of the big audio mags' sins, they ain't nothing compared to Dub Magazine.

Dub is that car magazine featuring rap superstars next to their SUVs with rims as big as merry-go-rounds. The funny part? Those are Dub rims. Meaning, Dub Magazine is actually in the shiny chrome business. Rims, radios, amps, subs and speakers, they've got their hands into everything. They're not actually making these parts, mind you, but rebranding gear from other companies and shilling it on the covers of their mags and in every page in between.

It would be as if Stereophile rebranded Krell and Wilson and came out with their own super system and then "reviewed" it as the greatest system ever. Stick Ms. Jones on the front and, presto, Stereophile is the biggest brand in the world.

Conflict of interest? Dub is more successful than ever...

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