DK Design X-Dream F7 is the Best Speaker Ever!

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by Josh Ray on July 25 '05

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At least, Jim Olson has this to say of the F7 "X-Dream" speakers by DK Design (makers of the VS.1 Reference Integrated we posted about earlier):

"I have to say that the X-Dream F7 loudspeaker system is the best that there is, the best that there ever was, and I suspect the best that there will ever be. It is the most impressive audio component I have ever experienced, and gets my vote for product of the decade."

Lordy lord! The best there is, ever was and will ever be?!? While $25k is expensive, the F7s aren't anywhere near the price of the $125k Wilson Alexandria or the Magico Ultimas clocking in at $229k, not to mention a couple dozen other speakers above $25k. So saying the F7s are God's gift to audio is bring out some serious hyperbole, though Jim Olson's personal system includes the $25k Wilson Watt/Puppy 7 speakers, Mark Levinson 33H amps and a slew of other uber-expensive pieces.

Keep reading for the rest of the goods and some pretty pictures.

Is it possible to be the best there is? Well, for one, Mr. Olson didn't review the F7s in home, rather in DK Design's personal listening room (paired with Mark Levinson transport, BAT VK-30 pre and Pass Labs X350 amp). In Mr. Olson's review, he details how he received the factory tour before listening to the F7s. What's not in the review is the full disclosure of the copious free drinks and dancing girls DK Design provided while Olson "auditioned" the F7s. After a few drinks and heavy flirting, he had this to say:

"I am very fit, work out often, and eat a low-fat diet, but let me tell you, the dynamics of the X-Dream F7s almost gave me a heart attack."

I don't think it was the dynamics, Jim.

"Whenever possible, I like to make A/B comparisons with other products. In this case, any comparison was simply futile. I mean no offense to other manufacturers, but no other loudspeakers could even come close to this level of performance. The X-Dreams should be renamed the Wet Dreams."

Wet dreams? Once again, Jim, I think there's something you're not telling us...Check out the review for a breakdown on the NASA-derived technology, aluminum sculpting and hyper-tech that goes into these beauties. Interestingly, the F7s stand only 36 inches high but weigh close to 400 lbs. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of these guys - their amps have already received mucho reviewer doubt due to the free margaritas and belly-dancers (and people wonder why I started an audio site). We'll keep you updated as the battle for the best rages on. Oh, and DK, if you're reading this, I'm always available for one of your special "loudspeaker auditions."

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