DIY Quick Divorce

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by Josh Ray on May 16 '06

Jbl Altec Tact
We covered hottie speakers yesterday and today we're looking at a custom rig from some chap in NoCal who either has the most understanding wife in the world or began a life of celibacy upon taking up this speaker project.

This system crams more old school drivers into a speaker than I thought humanly possible. High efficiency horns for the mids and double classic JBL woofers for the bass. Interestingly, he connects the whole contraption up to the latest TACT digital amps and crossovers. Lord-knows he needs room correction when the midrange horns kiss the ceiling...

I've heard systems like this before and I always get the feeling I should be standing 20 feet away. When you're so close to horns these size, it feels like you're holding your ear against a driver and just daring someone to crank the volume. It's kinda freaky. At shows, the rooms are so small you're practically sitting inside the horn.

It seems I have an open invitation to check the beast rig out. If I make the trip up north, I'll be sure to let you know what happens. Tech details below and news from Ping Gong. Also check out our coverage of Ping's similar and absolutely huge XLH speaker system (though still smaller than this monster).

The system is a four way system:
Bass: Dual JBL 2235 running as subwoofer crossover @70Hz @24db/octave
MidBass: Altec 414 70Hz-500Hz, 70Hz@24db/octave, 500Hz@ 12db/octave
Mid: Compose of three horns. Crossover 500Hz-7Khz @12db/octave
The lower horn is Altec 329A/288C. This is the main Mid driver.
The two upper horns are ALtec 1003B/291-16B. These two horn driver
crossover at the same frequency but run at lower volume, provide huge
soundstage and "air" to the whole system.
Tweeter: JBL 2405H. Crossover 7Khz @12db/octave

The whole system is quad-amplified using one TACT M2150X and three TACT
S2150X digital amplifier.The TACT system provide the all the necessary
programmable active crossover, delay time for driver alignment, phase
reversal, balance, soft mute... for integrated such multi driver system.


WOW, these are the fastest divorce speakers I have ever seen in my entire life!!! This is even faster than the speakers used at rock concerts or the Pit of Insanity! These will cause a divorce before they are even positioned or connected! :D Hmm… maybe we need a new measure - a Wife Divorce Factor – WDF.
Best. Post. Title. Ever. Josh. :D
Looks like some overlooked tweets below the radial horns? JBL ring radiators? I have one of those Altec multicells (a.k.a. comb filters) under my deck to hail folks on the lake at the bottom of the hill 200' away. Takes less than 5 watts. I bet that system sounds great though. Whadda cinema system!
Lol, thanks, beto. Just noticed your post now. It's funny because it's true...