Deuvel Jupiter Review

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by Josh Ray on July 27 '05


Fulfilling today's fix for the super high-end, Deuvel's Jupiter speaker clocks in at $27k and brings with it a whole lot of crazy technology. First off, what is it? Deuvel champions omni-directional speakers with drivers firing up and down into that central dispersion mechanism, sending sound flying in all directions (horizontal directions, that is).

The usual take on omni speakers is they are damn hard to place in your room (due to the sound bouncing off everything) but once you nail the placement, you're in for a treat. Greg Petan of Stereo Times picks the Jupiters as this year's Most Wanted Component. Are they better than the DK Design X-Dream F7, proclaimed to be the best speakers in the universe? I doubt we'll ever know. Of course, if you're testing out speakers in this price range, one isn't usually better, it's more like comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini - it all depends on your taste.

Deuvel Jupiter Review [Stereo Times]
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