Destiny 6000 Giant Horn System

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by Josh Ray on May 30 '06

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These big daddy horns are the Destiny 6000s and are for sale on Stereophile right now. Priced to move at $74,000, the Destiny 6000s rock four 15" woofers in that bass horn and a titanium horn tweeter up top. The biggest two way speakers ever? Probably. Total dimensions are 7' 10" tall, 5' 4" wide, and 4' deep. 450lbs each.

For a measly $4k you can have wood veneer instead of concrete grey. For $2-3k the manufacturer will deliver and set them up in your underground lair or wherever you plan on putting these things. How do they sound? The marketing department in action:

Everyone who has auditioned these loudspeakers are blown away. Many hi-end audio veterans, including reviewers, have said they have never heard music reproduction sound any better, anywhere, any time!

Check out the Destiny 6000 page for lots of "best of the best of the best" talk and tech details. Sadly, the manufacturer only takes money orders so no credit card miles here. Deal breaker for me too.


Definitely rock bottom WAF !!!
Two words: Instant divorce. :D Everyone who has auditioned these loudspeakers are blown away. I'm damn sure they aren't figuratively speaking.