Daryl & Dave Wilson on Alexia

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by Danny Kaey on March 31 '13

Expertly produced video announcing all the goodies and stuff behind the scenes of the Wilson Audio Alexia. Alexia is billed as a speaker that fits in about the footprint of the Sasha, but with lots of technology borrowed and implemented from their more elaborate designs. Parked in the sub $50k price category, Alexia seems to fit the bill for those aspiring to have Wilson's best technology fit inside a smaller space. Having heard them at CES and a few other places over the past few months I have to say that the speaker appears to indeed be impressively engineered. Theres's something to be said about Wilson Audio… stay tuned for more.

PS: I dig these manufacturer video productions quite a bit: gives you the opportunity to hear it from the source directly. Clever!
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