Danny Kaey and NuForce

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by Danny Kaey on August 24 '06

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What do you get when you pack a bunch of audiophiles into a smallish banquet room at your local Holiday Inn? A raging party, to be sure. But what struck me was how many people actually showed up for this event! Granted a “world premiere” of the new NuForce S-9 loudspeakers was on order, however, I was still quite amazed at the masses that attended.

Let’s cut right through the meat and salami, deluxe 5 course meal, err… hot dogs that were served: the new NuForce speakers sounded quite good with a surprising amount of bass from a relatively small enclosure (Claimed in the high 30s). Sound was room-filling with equally nice extension into the high frequencies and a nice midrange. Soundstage was also of nice proportions. All in all, I was quite surprised.

Incidentally, some time ago that very same room sounded rather dreadful with VMPS’s triple floor standers, 2 subwoofers the size of Sub-Z’s and an assortment of Ampzilla’s latest and greatest (that btw, is EXCELLENT stuff!) – all it shows is that room interaction is still your number ONE concern when choosing loudspeakers. My advice? Go for the smaller package, you will get more mileage, I guarantee it.

Unfortunately, as is often the norm, music was hardly to be heard – we typically like to attend audio meetings to listen to the designer, reseller, dealer, manufacturer’s rep, etc, babble on for hours about how this component does this and why it sounds like that, etc. Boring. Myself, I like to listen to music. Sure, a brief introduction, a few catch phrases, the usual marketing stuff is all fun and game, but please don’t bore us to death with endless talk of scientific hyperbole and other such in-depth tech talk. Trust me, those that actually come to listen to music will end up staying rather than leaving early.

Curiously, Josh and myself were the youngest to attend (sadly, as is usual I should say), yet I couldn’t help but feel that these audio society meetings need to be juiced up somehow. Either that or divide it up: Adults 2-4, kids 4-10 – that way mom and dad can be home in time for Matlock, while the kids rock it out to the tunes of Gnarls Barkley, Tosca and the Propellerheads. Lets hope we can drum up some younger folk to next month’s meeting @ the big BBQ event of Kevin Deal and his crew at Upscale Audio. Ciao!

(NuForce S-9 Vitals: 40Hz-20kHz, 22.5"h - 9"w - 17.5"d, 89dB/4ohms, external crossover (upgradable in the future for "activation") thin layer plywood construction, $3995. Components: NuForce Ref 9SE monos, P-8 preamp and E.A.R. Acute CD Player)

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I feel your pain, Danny. It's kinda like going to a winery and taking the tour instead of heading straight to the tasting room.