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by Josh Ray on April 25 '06


It's time for an audio "what is it?" contest. Yes, impress your friends and peers with your bottomless knowledge of esoteric audio equipment. The prize? A SonicFlare t-shirt come HE2006! And unlike normal audio t-shirts, this one you'll actually want to wear in public!

So what is that little black contraption with the toilet seat lid? It's actually a very cool product, not just some random rice cooker. First person to name the device, brand and model wins!

Update: slightly larger picture.

UPDATE 2: Mike has won! The black bucket is actually the Wilson Benesh Torus Infrasonic Generator. Don't call it a subwoofer, the Infrasonic Generator doesn't use any normal woofer to hit the low notes, but a double magnet generator mechanism. While WB's description is packed with confusing details, image an 18" doughnut with a magnet on either end and a pole through the middle. Then, like a Vegas stripper, the doughnut slides up and down the pole for serious excursion.

And like most everything from Wilson Benesh, the Torus is wrapped in carbon fiber. Price runs 5240 Brit pounds, so don't expect this showing up at Best Buy. Once again, congrats to Mike for his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure audio devices!

 Images Image@Wb Torus Cut-Away-Torus-3

Holding the motor structure...

 Images Image@Wb Torus Ppengine


A home theatre, surround-sound Bidet? With auto-flush/wash? If you look closely you can see the water pipes near the wall behind it. Do I get points for imagination/hallucinations?
Hallucination points are always worth something. I'll be shocked if no one guesses what it is. Maybe the SF readership isn't as big a bunch of audio dorks as I believed...doubtful.
A LP record cleaner, my guess.
A CD carousel ?
Good tries. Keep guessing.
Looks like a crock pot, for some tasty beef stew.
hehe... too bad I can't vote!!!
A machine for shaving the plastic off the edges of an off-axis (not sure if this is the right word) cd?
Good guess, but nope. I'll give everyone a hint: it's not from America and it's made of carbon fiber.
A Subwoofer A unit with water spray nozzles for a multimedia experience. A Room mode tuning unit
It's a new $40K WC X-Box SACD/DVD-A/Blu-ray/HD DVD transport from the following manufacturers website. With another format battle ahead, the losing format you can "Flushed With Pride"... Thomas Crapper would be proud!
Part journey of discovery, part assertion of responsibility, part embrace of life, ShitBegone expresses hope and belief that a better world is possible.
Part journey of discovery, part assertion of responsibility, part embrace of life, ShitBegone expresses hope and belief that a better Audio/Video world is possible!
A air purifier ? (that actually really makes your audio stuff sound better, that would be cool) ?
I know what it is, where's my T-Shirt? It's a personal Cryogenic unit - No Audiophool's listening room should be without one! The new "Cry-Oh-No" unit will keep twits who tweak their $5,000.00 in their Sub-Zero from crying if their significant other tosses em out thinking they are freezer burnt sausages!
LOL, Frank, you crack me up. Seriously, I was going to create a home cyro unit for April Fools but couldn't come up with the graphic. "Yes, folks, you too can cryo your cables, tubes, amps, speakers, furniture, pets and children in the comfort of your own living room!" On another note, if anyone actually makes a home cryo unit, I expect a cut of the gross.
A vaccum cleaner robot ?
Well actually the guy in the pic looks really amazed, and the gadget really looks like a hat box. In a twisted sister kind of way, he tells his wife this room sounds so real like live music. Then "Oops Honey Hurry darn I knew it was too good to be true, as they committed grave robbery and the head in this box is singing Quick you can see the lips move" Luv your Site!
The perfect compliment for your Butt-Kicker, the new Subterranean Ottoman the Foot-Shaker. Not sure if I want the T-Shirt, is it new/clean?
looks like the Wilson Benesch Torus subwoofer...
Mike, you are correct! It is the Wilson Benesch Torus "Infrasonic Generator" (aka crazy subwoofer). Congrats, you won a cool and clean SonicFlare t-shirt, to be given to you at HE2006. For those wondering what the heck an Infrasonic Generator is, hold tight, more news to come...
Wait till the Compton Cali Rider`s see my Carbon Fiber 18's on my Ford Taurus SHO!
I was sure it was the new Weber Hybrid Pure Class A Amp/Indoor Grille. Flip a Steak, while Flipping your LP. Guaranteed to offer Smoking Sizzling System Synergy, along with Finger Lickin Good Listening Sessions.