Newsflash: GEEK USB Awesomifier for Headphones

Geek colors

Light Harmonic, the folks that brought us various cables, DACs and other industry leading products announces their very first Kickstarter project, the GEEK USB Awesomifier for your favorite variety of 'cans. Hit hyperspace for more info.


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Review: B&W Z2 AirPlay streamer

Z2 C5

“Hey, what do you recommend I get for speakers around $400?” A query I hear all too often from my fellaz. “Ok, let’s see here… do you expect magic?” Is, quite frankly, the answer I give back most of the time. I mean seriously, what do you expect to get sound wise for $400? Then again, technology has marched on considerably over the past decades, in particular as it relates to boom boxes, aka. that thang you use to listen to music… background music that is. After all, even as far as technology has progressed, it’s still – nearly – impossibly to recreate a true stereophonic image via a shoebox, no matter how many fancy drivers and DSP you put in there. Punch warp drive to read the rest...


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Newport 2011: Evolution Acoustics, Playback Designs & darTZeel

IMG 2095

24bit 384khz, double DSD 6.1mhz via USB? Yep, Playback Designs has it.


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SonicFlare Reviews the Gemme Audio Tanto Loudspeakers and Monarchy Audio SE-250 Mono Block Amplifiers


Don’t stress me out. I’m spoiled. I get to audition really cool new and pricey audio gear at no cost. But if that gear even thinks of getting in my way of enjoying the music, I can be the biggest baby. If I don’t get my therapeutic time in front of my music system listening to the highest quality audio, I can get quite cranky. It’s my escape from work and if it’s work just to get good sound then it just doesn’t work for me.


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