Clearaudio @ CES

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by Danny Kaey on January 17 '08

Clearaudio always has the most turntables on display at CES.  Last time I checked there were more than 20 turntables in their arsenal!  The "Statement" was the eye-catcher in their room, prominently displaying Clearaudio's utlimate knowledge in turntable design and manufacturing.  Fun starts at just a tad over $1000 and virtually every turntable they make is upgradeable for improved performance and sonics!  Way cool...



So when is a high-cost turntable maker going to make one with the convenience of the cheapest CD player? With technology available today, it should be easy to use a remote-controlled mechanism to place the needle in a chosen track - without compromising any sonics... Hello - anyone interested?
I've been wishing for a remote control tone arm since I got into this hifi. Changing tracks would be a hat trick, but just having increments of +/- 60 seconds, 5 minutes, etc. would be life-changing. That, and someone should create a high-end jukebox. Forget the colored lights, just a mechanical loading arm and capacity for a couple dozen LPs. It's a sure-fire hit. I know the purists out there are holding their heads in pain but, seriously, a remote controlled turntable would be just about the coolest gadget in the world.
guys you are forgetting the fully remote controlled laser turntable! It has all that and more!
See also B&O 4000 series linear trackers, REVOX and Harman Kardon too had remote control record players. Admittedly not recent...
Or for my fellow dinosaurs, there was the ADC Accutrac, which allowed random track access via remote ... about 35 years ago. Unfortunately, of every dozen shipped, 13 were defective -- but ya gotta admire the initiative.
To clarify my point... The cheapest CD player has more than "random track access". E.g. It will go directly to track #3, if so commanded, from a wireless remote control. Only the "laser turntable" will do this, currently, but it suffers from high sensitivity to dust & dirt in the grooves - not to mention an unacceptable high price. Come on TT builders, just make one that can place the needle directly in track #3, via a wireless remote control - without sonic compromise... JR (I have a ReVox TT. It's still a winner...)