CES: Audirvana

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by Danny Kaey on January 17 '13

Audirvana, otherwise known as "how do I transform iTunes into a high performance playback system" has been around for a while. A standalone Mac app, Audirvana allows you to bypass OS X's Core Audio and use a proprietary audio codec engine instead. Utilizing iZotope's 64-bit sample rate conversion engine, Audirvana does what iTunes simply can't: offer world class sound from your Mac in both PCM and DSD and 2X DSD formats. I found Audirvana to be the most stable of all third party music playback platforms and easily the best sounding one to boot. Bonus is Audirvana's ability to natively integrate itself with iTunes so you can choose your music either way. Given iTunes 11's latest complete revamp, that may actually be the way to go. Not to mention, CES was full of Audirvana! A+++

Audirvana Logo HiRes
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