British Women, Audiophiles in Training?

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by Josh Ray on May 23 '06

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Also out of England is an article titled "Women drive online music market." No, it's not a joke. Those English ladies are the hottest consumer group when it comes to the digital revolution. How hott?

Some 80% of women spend now more time listening to music than they did before they got their MP3 player - compared with 75% of men, according to Emap.

Eight out of 10 also say they have rediscovered lots of old artists and albums, compared with 72% of men.

And 72% of women say they spend more time on the internet looking for new music, 7% higher than the figure for men.

Emap said the popularity of downloading music was behind a boom in the number of women reading music magazines.

It's sad but true, women are all about software and men hardware. If anecdotal evidence is anything to go by -- and when isn't it -- the US follows our forefathers. My female friends are all about new music while my male audiophiles (for the most part) compare tone arm sizes.

So the real question remains how the hi-fi industry taps into this entire segment of music lovers who don't even know we exist. And please don't tell me women don't appreciate good sound. Women simply don't appreciate $10k depleted uranium cables, hideous cable elevators and 400 lbs of jagged black metal in the living room. We must adapt, not clasp our hands and pray women notice us. Prayer didn't work at the high school prom and it sure won't work here. Read the full article.

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