Bolzano Villetri Lauranas

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by Josh Ray on July 08 '05

 News July 5

Now here are some wild speakers. They are the Bolzano Villetri Lauranas and, as you can see, are absent speaker drivers. They aren't, of course, but are placed in a very interesting way. In that box on top and on bottom are the bass drivers which fire into the central tubes. Then, if you look closely, you'll see a vertical black tube containing two tweeters, one firing up and the other down.

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Why point the drivers up and down, you ask? For universal dispersion. These are omni-speakers which send sound in every direction rather than just beaming it straight at you. Now, the deal with omni speakers is they are able to create a sound stage the size of your whole room, rather than the space between your speakers.

The downside is they need pinpoint placement so they don't get muddied sending sound bouncing off everything. While there are no reviews of these speakers as far as I know, the Duevels (another up/down driver speaker) and the MBLs (using "spherical" drivers) have gotten excellent reviews but are bound by the same acoustic issues as above if not positioned correctly. And, as you can expect, all omni speakers (except Mirage Audio, which I'll post on later) are quite expensive.

Bolzano Villetri Home [via 6Moons]

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