Avantgarde Meta Picco Horn Speakers

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by Josh Ray on May 30 '06


Avantgarde helped relaunch the horn movement a few years ago and here they are with their new Meta Picco speaker. The Meta Picco (no price yet) is a baby version of the $70,000 Meta Primo that came out last year. The new line of Meta speakers incorporates hybrid powered bass woofers with their signature horn midrange and tweeter. Because the bass uses 1000 watts of internal power, efficiency stays huge at 101dB so the Meta Piccos are perfect for your micro powered tubes.

Below, the Trio Classicos come in at $39k and run horns full-range, though a powered sub is also available. You may recognize these guys from various magazines and other places. The wild looks and party colors have gotten Avant Garde a good deal of press. Check out the Avantegarde home site and the US division for pretty pictures and details.



Avantgarde trio's without a sub lack music reproduction under 100hz. Add $20k to the $38k mentioned above for their basshorns.