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by Josh Ray on December 05 '05

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I had a very interesting conversation over the weekend with a fellow member of the audio press about the future of the CD. Following up my post on the benefits of USB audio, he identified CDs as an Indiana Jones-like maze filled with all kinds of traps that keep us from the glorious sonic treasure. He hypothesized that music servers would be the dynamite to defeat all the silvery pitfalls and, in one fell swoop, make quantum chips, CD pens and CD copying a thing of the past.

Until that day comes, one product from Audiodesksysteme claims to make your CDs sound a whole lot better by carving a bevel on the outer edge of your CD. The bevel is an attempt to fix the mistakes made by the lazy bums who run the CD manufacturing plants. Similar in concept to the cheap de-scratchers you can get at Best Buy, the $699 Glass Sound Improver takes 30 seconds to shave off the outer layer of your disc. According to UltraAudio, the little bugger works and works well.

In a way, isn't it just downright sad that stuff like this actually works? It makes one wonder just how many CD tweaks it takes before we reach the true content beneath.

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