Audio Physic's Modesty

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by Josh Ray on March 30 '06

 Scorpio Scorpio-Cherry-2
Couple reviews of Audio Physic speakers across the net. For the most part, Audio Physic rocks side firing woofers on both sides of the cabinet. The $6500 Scorpio above has a total of 7 drivers per speaker for rated frequency of 30Hz to 33kHz. The woman seems to like them. Superior Audio?

This added up to a loudspeaker so excellent that even at the end of my time with the Scorpios I still found myself constantly mistaking stereo sounds for real sounds. Add in a truly elegant shape and superb cabinetry, and you have a loudspeaker that sets a new, higher standard for the price range.

New standard indeed. Positive Feedback looks at the $4500 Tempo model right below the Scorpio and likes the sound but isn't as completely gaga over them like Superior Audio. Below is a picture of the Tempos with a woman now sitting on the ground, no doubt dizzy from the great sound.

 Tempo Tempo-Maple-2

Interestingly, I was at an audio meeting the other day listening to, of all things, a power cable demo. God help us if any newbs looking to get into high-end were there for the 45 minutes of power cable demos, but whatever. The speakers at hand were the Audio Physic Caldera (pictured below with...a guy?? I don't get it). After a couple minutes of demoing, one person said, "those speakers are nice. What do they cost?" When he was told they cost $35,000, he said, "35 thousand? Thousand! You mean 35 THOUSAND?!?" It was awesome. I thought he was going to throw down his drink and storm out of the store. Either that or throw up on the spot. Audiophiles were laughing but it was a sad kind of laugh. Yeah, we're insane. 35 Gs is kinda crazy and the Calderas don't look like 35 Gs, they look like $4500 Tempos with shiny wood.

Which brings up an interesting point: the Calderas, for not looking like, say, MBL 101s (pic below), are probably some of the easiest ultra-performance speakers to sell to the incredibly picky wife (who doesn't croak at the price). What they are is the opposite of the MBL 101s or any other space age speaker. Same with speakers like Peak Consult, Audio Note and others. They're not insanely sized or insanely styled. Personally, I want MBL 101s in my living room but, hey, I don't have a wife. Or style.

Then again, for the audio newb, speakers need to look like a Ferrari if they're priced like a Ferrari. While deep pocketed audiophiles may dig the modest stylings of Audio Physic and Peak, anyone new to this industry will freak at the price. There are places for both, of course, but potential customers should never demo these strong, silent type speakers first. Or effing power cables, for that matter.

 Caldera Caldera-Ebony-2

 Bilder Reference Line 101E 2004 240X450 2


I've been a stereo hobbyist for more than 30 years (including 10 years in the business) and 35K for those speakers would raise my eyebrows too.
I agree. One doesn't necessarily have to be an "audiophile newb" to seriously question a price tag like that.