Audio Magic's Pit of Insanity

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by Josh Ray on March 02 '06

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Guys, here's the room you never want to show your new girlfriend and wife-to-be. If she asks, "what's in that locked room?" Tell her it's a marijuana greenhouse or a bondage pit. Anything but reveal the depths of your audio insanity.

That said, I can't even begin to describe how badly I want one of these systems. Mad scientist Jerry Ramsey of Audio Magic (cables, juice boxes, amps, and damn near everything else except normal speakers) has created the Holy Grail of audio, the Super System. Or, at least, so says the PFO crew who, with drool-covered chins, describe their experience to this den of decadence.

If you look at the picture, those aren't CDs on the ground, but LPs which means, of course, those drivers are huge. 24" and 18" Hartley drivers with massive ribbons by Eminent Tech and Raven. Little JBLs flush out the system. How it all works, I have no idea. But it's not just a bunch of drivers thrown everywhere. There's some genuine work that went into this bad boy and, supposedly, it sounds flippin' amazing. Read the links for the goodies.

Priced-to-move at $500k, you'll need some serious space for installation. Though it appears the speakers are built into the wall, the truth is the speakers are actually mounted on a false wall with a good deal of space behind. Heck, if you're spending $500k, might as well build a separate "listening house," no? Come on, people, I know some of you have them.

If you want one of these systems, Ramsey will build it in your house and tweak it to perfection. Don't know if anyone has actually purchased this system but if you are one of the lucky few, well, you can reach me via email at the link to the right. I was considering South Beach for spring break, but now, gosh, I'm just a little torn...


it's truly the most amazing experience I have had all things audio... :)
500 grand for that wall of junk? That was a joke, right?
Danny, how loud was it playing? :) The size of those drivers gives me painful associations with the impossibly loud rock concert speakers. Also, the driver placement seems problematic to me. I often put my speakers 6 to 8 feet apart and then nearly facing each other for best sounstage since I tend to be sitting rather close to them. With this monstrosity can 10 feet away really be an optimal listening position? Josh, the country of Sweden has a lot of catching up to do :) Does this system at least sound like $5 million? :D :D :D
comments like those from Jake show how a fair degree of ignorance. The drivers used are not junk nor was the system - all components are highly regarded. And while it does have an appearance that I could live never live with (and no doubt the same for others) it did sound quite spectacular.
I would like to clarify that my response is not meant to be a jab or attack on Jake as he may be the best guy in the world. At looking at the images (and we had the same response when seeing it for the first time in person) - you got to be kidding! What a wall of stuff! This is the most bizarre amalgamation from the "one can find at the corner thrift shop for wayward audiophiles" in my worst nightmares. And yet it all works and sounds simply marvelous. Of course it helps to listen with the lights off or at the very least with your eyes closed... yes it loks like something someone put together with this and that - but it ain't.