Audeze LCD-3

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by Danny Kaey on December 24 '12

Audeze. (n)ever heard of 'em? You better. iHi-Fi is the new deal, exemplified by all the 'cans you see on peoples heads these days. Walk down any mall, street, airport and someone will sport the latest head-fashion. It is as much a fashion statement as it is a statement and medicine for your ears. Music is in. Music is hip. Music is good for your soul. Scientifically proven. Alas, there's the good stuff and then there's Haute-Couture. There's Levi's and there's Balmain denim. Get the point? Audeze is clearly in the latter category. Best headphones I ever heard. Planar magnetic drivers, zero distortion, amazingly clear treble and otherworldly bass. Price? Who cares? They are that good. Astounding! Enjoy the show.

Visualizing Audio: Audeze Particles from Audeze on Vimeo.

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