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by Danny Kaey on April 06 '13

3BLACK wide open


The guys over at Art Vinyl dug up something neat.  Always keen on displaying and showing off some of the cooler record album covers - yep, they still make them - I have played with many a system over the years.  From the el' cheapo stuff you find at your local Walmart, to more esoteric designs, Art Vinyl's seems to have struck the perfect balance between well, art and vinyl.  Their Play & Display 12" flip up album frame covers are quite ingenious and actually work exactly as described.  Slightly nudge the front cover up and the album tray opens up wide enough for you to slip your favorite record cover behind it.  Slide it back down and voila, off you go hanging your stash.  Made of nicely finished matte black plastic, they should stand the test of time.  Care for white?  They have those too!  Clean, neat and tidy, not to mention quick and painless.  Best part?  Say you get tired of looking at your favorite prizes, simply replace the covers one by one or two by one for a theme.  Clever.  My review sample is proudly showing off Porgy and Bess Metronome Stars 1956.  I am definitely ordering a bunch!  A+++

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3WHITE wide closed

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