Ars Aures Midi Sensorial Speakers

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by Josh Ray on December 05 '05

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$18,995 a pair, the Midi Sensorial speakers from Italian Ars Aures land a couple of reviews, one from 6Moons Srajan, the other a couple months ago from Superior Audio:

If you have the means and appropriately powerful amplifiers, the Ars Aures Midi Sensorials live up to the sensuous nature of music listening. Had this speaker a larynx to utter words, it would be utterly bewildered by notions of analytical dissection.

Very Italian in nature, the Sensorials bite their thumbs at hyper detail and go for a more "silken texture" like many other Italian audio companies. And, of course, like fellow Italian imports Ferrari, Gucci and Monica Bellucci, appearance is paramount. Though the picture doesn't do them justice, in person the Ars Aures look like 20 grand worth of high-performance audio.

Stats are 30-30k Hz, 89dB, 4 ohms. Check out the next page for a review of the smaller $10k Mini Sensorial monitor and much better pictures.

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I recently did a google and came up with this review. I was not aware of your publication, but thank you so much for the coverage! Please be in touch.