Appointment of Danny Kaey

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by Josh Ray on December 23 '07

SonicFlare is pleased to announce the appointment of Danny Kaey to the position of Director of Business Development. A veteran of hi-fi publishing, Danny brings to SonicFlare his experience and ongoing involvement as the Senior Assistant Editor at Positive Feedback Online and American Editor of Inner Ear Magazine. Danny also has experience in American/European manufacturer relations and brings a unique and diverse set of talents to SonicFlare.

As Director of Business Development, Danny will pursue cutting-edge methods for connecting SonicFlare and the hi-fi industry with the coveted iPod generation. “When I met Josh almost three years ago, it was clear we had a similar passion for taking audio to the 21st century,” explains Danny. “I’m excited to be part of the new SonicFlare and its unique and critically important mission to advance hi-fi and connect the industry with the sports car, iPod and luxury demographics.”

Danny will also provide Sonic Circle reviews and editorial content. Danny is an experienced writer with a passion for the very best hi-fi has to offer and his unique voice will be a great addition to SonicFlare.


Cogratulations Danny! See you at the CES! Lori ad Marty Williams, LAOC Audio Society.
Oh boy. Now all those loser zines and wanna-be's are doomed. DOOMED! You guys make a great team. Take care, Mike.