Wilson Audio Factory Tour (or how we got WAMMed!) – Alma Music and Audio

Wilson Audio Factory Tour (or how we got WAMMed!) – Alma Music and Audio: ""


Wilson Audio Factory Tour (or how we got WAMMed!) – Alma Music and AudioWilson Audio Factory Tour (or how we got WAMMed!) – Alma Music and Audio

Nice write up by the guys at Alma Audio, the affable Fabio and Alex (ed. or is it “Alexx”?).  Great audio salon type HiFi shop that caters to the greater San Diego market.  Care for a dose of darTZeel, YG, Wilson or D’Agostino?  Heck, they even stock the awesome Technics 1200G.  Go check them out!


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Newsflash: Schiit Loki DSD add-on

Loki front prelim 1

Schiit announces Loki: a $149 DSD DAC add-on piece that is slaved between your existing DAC and source to give you DSD playback. Neat. Full PR below…


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Video: it's official, Tudor is back in the US (via Hodinkee)

Welcome Back, Tudor from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

Following the previous post and announcement, Tudor is now officially back in the US - watch this cool video the Hodinkee crew put together… Way cool.

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Video: Hodinkee's review of the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue

REVIEW: Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

Hodinkee does their usual and reviews the latest Tudor watch to hit stores, fresh off Basel's watch show. You may have heard, Tudor (Rolex's sister brand) is well on its way to making a major push and come back tot he US market. Personally, I dig the Tudor brand and what it represents: Rolex manufacturing quality and hipper styling yield classy super high quality watches. Stay tuned for much more Tudor action. A+++

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Video: TAG Heuer & Rush movie

The marketing around Ron Howard's upcoming movie, Rush, is in full swing… The folks at TAG Heuer have created this cool video clip showcasing the rich F1 history TAG has had over the years until the 2013 season, when Rolex took over F1 time keeping duties. Neat!

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Newsflash: Clarus Crimson USB cable


Hot news from CEDIA, Clarus is releasing their Crimson USB cable… clearly, USB cables are quickly becoming the new "in" within the HE community, thus expect more of these to come. Full PR after the link.


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Video: Singer Vehicle Design: Porsche 911

Singer Vehicle Design 360 degree video presentation from Tina Dickinson on Vimeo.

Following our coverage of all things fine automobile, comes this video courtesy of Singer's 911 dream. Stay tuned for our very own Cayenne GTS review. Coming soon…

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Newsflash: Acoustic Sounds launched Super Hirez DSD site

AS SuperHiREZ Logo

Well, it didn't take too long: internationally known suppa-playah, Chad Kassem, owner of the world's foremost online authority in specialty music sales, Acoustic Sounds, has now launched yet another humdinger of a site for customers to download and purchase DSD (and hires PCM) content. Wow. While the initial selection contains but a glimpse of what will become available down the road, Chad none the less is super happy about his latest value add to the high-end, high-def, high-res community at large. Take a look and see what you can get for $24.99 per title. I say, way to go. Disc formats are dead. Long live analog vinyl and analog DSD downloads. Yay. A+++

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Video: Magnus Walker: Disturbing the Peace

MAGNUS WALKER - Disturbing The Peace from Silly Thing on Vimeo.

Magnus Walker, LA's famed and often talked about Porsche (and clothing) genius, is at it again… This time, a Japanese magazine video shoot takes the cult Porsche star around his digs in LA. Listen to the engine roar as Magnus shares his thoughts and visions. Car aficionados: this is an absolute must.

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Video: BOA feat. Ivana Kindl

From Zagreb, Croatia comes this music video I heard while on my trip to Europe… Describing themselves as members of the Zagreb art-rock scene, BOA teamed up with Ivana Kindl on this track Uspomena translated meaning "Memory" Pretty cool sound and rhythm, not to mention a cool music video. Hey, remember those???

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Video: Steve Ballmer is funny.

In a surprise announcement, well, I suppose, not so surprising after all (Metro, Windows RT, Windows 8, Azure, etc.), Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has decided to retire front he company he helped shape since their early dawn. That's like 1980's dudes. Evermore known for his sometime off the cuff and quasi-comedic outbursts, I figured I'd post this - short - tribute video. Say what you wish about his management style and how he has conducted himself as CEO in a post Gates era, I'll say this: Steve, your time has come and should have sometime ago… iSorry. D-.

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Newsflash: GEEK USB Awesomifier for Headphones

Geek colors

Light Harmonic, the folks that brought us various cables, DACs and other industry leading products announces their very first Kickstarter project, the GEEK USB Awesomifier for your favorite variety of 'cans. Hit hyperspace for more info.


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Newsflash: LessLoss announces DFPC Reference!

03 LessLoss DFPC Reference USA 1000px

Stop the press. Stop the press. LessLoss announces their latest efforts in reference power cable design: the aptly named DFPC Reference. Having just reviewed the DFPC Signature series, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new reference: should be a hum-dinger. Read their official PR below:


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Bond. James Bond.

Just in case you haven't gotten around to getting this Blu-ray 50th anniversary disc set… now's about as good a time as any! PS: EON productions just announced that Sam Mendes will return to direct Daniel Craig in Bond #24. A+++

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Dr. Amar Bose 1929 - 2013

Top home

It is with rather great sadness that I read of Dr. Amar Bose's passing yesterday.  Say what you wish about Bose in relationship to Hi-Fi and high performance audio, the fact is that Dr. Bose, through his company, was responsible for quite a bit of engineering innovation across the spectrum, not just as it relates to music and Hi-Fi.  During a time when most folks didn't have a clue about audio playback, Dr. Bose was at the forefront of research and development and let's not forget to mention the launch of the 901 system, way back in the 1960's.  Just recently, whilst visiting a friend of mine, I had the chance to hear a ca. 1970's version of the 901 and was not only impressed with the sound, but was struck even more so by the fact that you were able to get that sort of sound quality back in the 60's.  Rest in peace.

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